Troian Bellisario Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress to The Golden Globes After Party

Troian Bellisario re-wore her wedding dress (the skirt to be exact) to the 2020 Golden Globes Award After Party. I love the sentiment behind this that you can re-wear something especially in the midst of what is going on with our planet and the global warming crisis. Being sustainable is really where everything needs to go; especially fashion. However, re-wearing her wedding dress is a bold choice that I feel needs to be commended because it takes guts. People can be so judgemental of what you wear; especially if you wear something like a wedding dress again in a different context. Also, with materialism being an obsession in our current world, the fact that she didn’t give into this pressure to get something made is just divine. True to the character Troian played – Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars – I think this decision just shows how much of a beautiful, strong person she is.

Moving on to how she looks – agh I just love Troian. She was always my favourite Pretty Little Liar for what she went through and how she handled it. She was real, raw and determined and I loved that about her. I love how dainty this skirt and top make Troian look. They accentuate how feminine and petite she is and she just looks elegant. Her simple hairstyle shows off her beautiful cheekbones and the light pastel colours really contrast well with her olive-skin. Overall, I just think this is the best I’ve ever seen Troian. She really did a number on us this year.

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