Abacon IT Corporate ID Development

I onboarded Abacon IT as a client in late 2019. As an IT Consultancy that was still in the start-up space I had a lot of freedom to really explore how Abacon IT would develop. I was given complete freedom to develop the corporate ID and social media look and feel over a period of a few months. I am quite excited to share with you how I have developed it over the last few months.

The first thing I did when I onboarded Abacon IT was to really see how they added value to their client’s lives and what they really did on a day to day basis. I then created a look and feel for Abacon IT and created a logo for them.

See below the templates I have created for social media as well as the logo design I have done.

Furthermore I decided that Abacon IT’s logo needed a look and feel that really reflected who they are as a company. So using their newly developed corporate ID colours; white, blue and grey I created a logo that I felt was accurate to who they are as a brand. I have uploaded these with a grey bacground to see it easily. As you can see I have created a colour version and flattened version of the logo.

I am really excited to continue doing work for Abacon IT as they are such an innovative, fast-thinking IT Consultancy company that really stands out from the rest.

You can visit Abacon IT here or Ryan at 072 601 2858 for any IT consulting needs.

To view Abacon IT’s Facebook page click here
To view Abacon IT’s LinkedIn page click here

To view my portfolio click here

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