Why Is Brand Engagement So Important?

A lot of their recent campaigns are about people sharing a meal and how Coke brings it all together. Another thing that brands do is try to create a lifestyle that you want to be apart of. Take Apple for example – their products are high-quality but they have exceptional marketing. When you think of Apple products you think top-end, luxurious and exclusive. When you have an Apple product you are a part of “something”. This is where a brand creates such a strong lifestyle attached to it that you want to be apart of it. People directly want to use these products because of how they make them feel and the value that is attached to the brand.

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When you run a social media campaign you want to really get people to talk to you. Ask you about your products, share their experiences, and really get to know you. This is where a lot of social media marketing fails. You can’t just sell your product on social media and expect people to want to get to know you. You really have to change how you think and think like a customer. If you saw a company constantly pushing their products onto you, would you feel like they actually care about you? Probably not. But if you saw the same company sharing articles that could help you or teach something you might be less inclined to think they are just after your money. If that same company also shared stories about their staff, about what their passionate about and really showed you why they did what they did would you be more inclined to trust them? Probably. When we see a brand as more than a product that can be sold to us we are more likely to purchase it.

With social media, there is a real opportunity for brands to connect to clients as real people. It’s actually the way forward for all brands; especially startup businesses, SMEs and medium companies. This is because you need to do something to stand out. With every company on social media these days, you have to remember that you need to be different.

Female entrepreneur using social media for her business.

If your competition promotes their products and service offerings how can you show yourself differently? Well, firstly you can get in front of the camera and introduce yourself and the people in your team to the world. People want to do business with people, not big brands that hide behind fancy graphics. People want real, authentic stories that they can connect with and relate to. If you start sharing snippets from your working life, and show that you are interested in the lives of your clients then you will see a shift in how people work with you.

Brand engagement isn’t about creating awareness about your products or service offerings, it’s about connecting to other people.

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