How To Style the Slip Dress Three Ways

Have I told you that I have a secret love for slip dresses? They’re one of my favourite kinds of dresses because they are light, easy to wear, and also can be elegant, sexy or playful depending on the cut, colour and what it’s paired with.

I’ve created three collages for you to look through that I think are great!

I love the sophisticated style of slip dresses because they are dainty, elegant and very beautiful. Paired with a nice heel and even a soft throw-over they are the epitome of femininity. It’s a nice type of dress to wear your hair up or down with but because the dress is so simple it can be nice to wear your hair down with it because it really adds to the look. These slip dresses usually come in a satin-like material and are great for a special occasion.

The playful line of dresses I have selected are more fun. Their a shorter length but notice their not figure hugging like the other ones. You can really have fun with these styles of dresses by adding a pair of sunnies, or a an over-sized t-shirt underneath to turn the slip dress into more of a pinafore look. What I would recommend is if you want to keep the look very summery add a pair of white sneakers, preferably not the grandpa style sneakers, and then add a pair of sunnies or tie your hair up. For an evening look you can wear a darker slip dress and pair it with a some ankle boots and a choker. Finally, if you have a longer length slip dress that goes to your knees then adding a tote bag can really complete your look.

A sultry look can be achieved with a slip dress. The two fabrics that look really great are satin and velvet. Velvet has a more dated nineties look and it’s very charismatic. It’s a material that makes you stand out as it’s not as common as other materials but it’s very beautiful. Satin is more commonplace but you need to make sure you wear the right accessories to make sure it doesn’t look like you are wearing a nightie.

As seen in this picture above, wearing a dress with a slit immediately takes it from being a cute dress to being elegant and sexy. However, it’s important that you find a slit that looks good for your body. Depending on the shape of your legs and hips you may look better with a slit higher up or lower up. I would definitely recommend trying a dress with a slit on first before purchasing it because it’s so personal. Just to be clear, you can rock any type of slit, but you want to be happy with how you look – so it’s just my recommendation that you try it on first for best results. A slit that’s too low might make you feel frumpy, a slit that’s too high may be impractical to walk in because you’re constantly worried about showing your panties to the world. For a shorter dress a small slit is a no-brainer because obviously it can’t be too high!

Another piece of advice is how you pair your accessories with your slip dress. Will it be a pair of sandals to make it more casual? Boots to make it more daring? Stilletos to add a touch of class or leaving your hair loose to show that you are an enigma. Then you get bags, the lighter and daintier the bag, the more focus there is on the dress. The bigger and bolder your accessories the more it takes away focus completely from the dress. These are probably the biggest choices you can make when you put your outfit together, but hey, that’s all part of the fun isn’t it!

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