Why Are Brick Face Exteriors So Great?

Brick face exteriors are great. I mean they’re cost-effective, easy to maintain, and also great to look at. They can look rustic, modern, classy, or laid-back and suburban. It depends on the type and colour of the brick and the overall look and feel of the architecture.

One of the reasons that I like brick face designs are because they are warm and cosy. Well in these pictures they are. As I said before depending on the style they can be a whole range of things. But if it’s done like this then you create a cosy, warm atmosphere that welcomes you in. Especially in the right photo which creates a nice country, suburban feel to it. I especially like how well it goes with shrubbery and plants. You can pair brick with paint as well and all colours and types of roofing which is also a great feature of it.

Brick can also be in different colours. Depending on the colour of brick you use will change the ambience of the entire building. I especially like this grey house because it comes across as modern and also quite futuristic. The wide windows are minimalistic and this all plays well together. The middle design and right design also have a variation of colour in the bricks and this leaves them looking vastly different. The multicoloured bricks in the middle photo make the photo look more wild and country-like – almost as if you were near the Secret Garden. The darker bricks in the right photo make the building appear more upper-class and sophisticated. It has a nice feel to it.

These three types of brick are also great because they show vastly different bricks can be. All three of these buildings look nothing alike. Depending on the type of brick that you use you can see how it can create a holiday look and feel as well as a more rustic style.

So! Bricks are pretty cool – especially when used in housing. They’re also great for lock up and go homes and holiday homes as they are low-maintenance. Let me know in the comments what you think of brick-facing structures!

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