Style Icon: Hanna Marin

Sometimes you just have those days where you feel totally uninspired. This happens to me when it’s really cold. I rotate the same few jackets and I feel like an eskimo because I am all bundled up. This warmer spring weather is definitely a relief for me, because I have got so many clothes ready for spring and summer! Although I love layering, it gets to a stage in the winter where it is too cold to even wear dresses and skirts. And that for me gets a little boring.


There is nothing better in my mind than a skirt, a cute jersey, a jacket and heeled boots in the winter. It is so chic and feminine. And you can really mix and match with the types of skirts and jerseys you wear.


I love long-sleeve blouses. I’m the type of girl who wishes I could wear long-sleeve blouses every day of the year. Their so soft and feminine and you can change them up with layers and skirts and pants.

Pretty Little Liars have got this down. My style icon is Hanna because she is so girly, and she has outgrown the emo phase that Aria finds herself in. I’ve never really found myself being pulled towards Spencer’s style because I can only handle so many cashmere sweaters, button downs, chinos and loafers. As much as I love Emily’s style, I think that she has this unnaturally perfect body and face that allow her to look good in anything. I’m serious – if I had to walk around in the things Emily did, I would like terrible. Nike tracksuit pants check, a denim hoody check, vans check. I would look like I never left grade 10. And I do not have time for that.

BeFunky-collage 1.jpg

I suppose Hanna’s style resonates with me so much is because it always seemed so unattainable in high school to dress in high heels, smart dresses and blazers. But now it feels more normal. Still, I always knew good taste when I saw it. She never really had stumbling blocks like Aria and Emily did. Except for the times she was shoplifting; that was beyond cringe. But I mean all characters have their flaws, am I right?

BeFunky-collage 3.jpg

Anyway, you should check out these collages that I have created to see some of my favourite outfits Hanna wore.

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Riverdale Season 2 Discussion: Spoilers

I love Riverdale for a couple of reasons. The insane plot is one of them. How can so much drama really happen to a town of teenagers? Granted this is based on the comic series, but still… However, I must say that I love Riverdale for its ability to pull it off. Each character is well-developed and I find myself being pulled into their world. You get to see so many different life-choices happening in a group of friends. Even the “bad guys”… You get to see why they make decisions, and how they are human after all. 

RRJC4qF Veronica is a character I am very interested in. She chose to become involved in her father’s business, even when she identified that he was a part of the mob. However, when she saw how her father’s influence on Archie and the town was negative she turned her back on this life. I am not sure if going into season 3 she will follow through with this approach and not beg her father to take her back. But I hope for her character progression she does not.


2018 San Diego Comic Con - Entertainment Weekly's closing night party - ArrivalsBetty Cooper is a very distinct character to me. I’m not totally on-board with the whole Dark Betty thing. Like I get it, but to what extent? Like she’s a teenager. What happened in her life that made her that way inclined? I believe we all have a dark side, but I think that we control it. The fact that Betty harnesses that dark side sometimes, makes me believe that this is more of an alter-ego than an actual dark side. She switches, and to me that is important. Is this going to lead somewhere in the plot? Is she like her father the Black Hood? Or is she going to learn to deal with all her emotions and become a healthy, functioning teenager – (I say this with raised eyebrows, because what is a normal teenager anyway?).


largeJughead for a long time used to irritate me. What was his loyalty to the Serpents? Like what did they do for him? And I’m sure a bunch of fans will scream at me that the Serpents did a lot and yes they did. But it is a gang. And yes the South Side is a place. But I’ve never really understood Jughead’s conquest to save it. This was a developed sub-plot but the way Betty and Jughead fought to save the South Side never really made sense to me. I think that they needed to make the South Side have more of a redeeming quality. It was the haven for all the South Side residents, but the appeal wasn’t strong enough for me as an outsider to see why they were so focused on saving it. Anyway, besides my rant about this issue, I started to appreciate Jughead for his qualities towards the end of season 2. However, again. He’s so dramatic. Maybe Jughead is super dramatic because he is a writer (like me). But I just wanted to sit him down and be like calm down. (I’m not a Jughead hater, just not his biggest fan).

315fa91e25f28446b5e091e11b89b4bdArchie. Now he is a character I do enjoy. I understand Archie’s motivations to go ahead and work with Hiram Lodge. He wants to keep his father and girlfriend safe. Those seemed like reasonable motives to be sneaky and sly. I mean, maybe Jughead had good motives too, but I found him to be draining. Archie was far more likeable. I could relate to him more and I really loved watching the dynamic shift between Archie and Hiram. When Archie started trying to win Hiram over I took a keen interest. He was no longer the pretty boy with a saviour complex, but a character who was willing to make real efforts to achieve his goals.


unnamedWho else? There is Cheryl. I am so conflicted about her. I feel like I have barely paid her any attention. While she truly has gone through a lot, I just don’t like her attitude to most people. She acts like she is better than most people and she is a snob which is unnecessary. I adore her style though, but I have a love-hate relationship with that red lipstick. Sometimes, she just appears to try too hard. Can she never just be in the background? Why must everything be about her? “Rolls eyes”. Grudgingly, I can say she has developed well as a character. I don’t condone that her character developed a lot after Veronica’s “friend” Nick St Clair assaulted her. I tend to dislike story narratives that rely on a female character getting hurt by a male character to move the plot forward. Like why must we be victims to improve the plot? Like it didn’t sit that well. And when Veronica just took it from her Nick too, I was just like….. Hmmm. Anyway, I do like Cheryl. On the basis that she perseveres and she is willing to help, even if her attitude annoys me a lot. I have to remind myself that she is just a teenager. Also her attitude to her mom is super cringy but also empowering. What kind of teenager gets away with burning their house down?

It may seem like I am super critical of this series and its characters, but it’s only because I enjoy it so much. I’m so excited to see what happens in season 3. 


Inspiration Icon: Blair Waldorf

Pinafores are a style of dress that have come in and out of fashion. They’ve been interwoven into time and from having a pinafore as a school uniform to seeing them on celebs I decided I had a girl crush on them.

Pinafores are actually really simple to wear. Just because you don’t see them on many people, doesn’t mean you can’t look cool in them. My style tends to switch between wearing jeans, flowy blouses, light parkas, and high heels and then to girly where I wear skirts, with suede jackets, or dresses.


Pinafores have a Blair Waldorf feeling to them, and I can’t help but be in love with that Gossip Girl world. From the Waldorf’s label to Serena Van Woodsen, the fast-paced glamourous lifestyle is just amazing. I wouldn’t mind going to live in that life (besides the drama though – that would be exhausting). I’ve definitely taken inspiration from Blair Waldorf’s style.


Her love for the 50s and 60s is so inspiring and chic, and I think her stylists really knew what they were doing when they created her image. I mean have a look at some of these pictures below and see!

canva-photo-editor (1).png

Some of my favourite trends she rocked were the pussybow, sequins, bows, mixed prints. No one wears hats, as well as Blair, does. From cloche hats to fedoras, things we would all look ridiculous in, Blair looks like a girl boss.

collage 1


Dressing like an “adult” is stressful; here’s how to change that

Planning what to wear to the office everyday can be really stressful . I found out by trial and error what I really hate wearing.

Namely knee length pencil skirts. I’m a bit short, so that length of skirt makes me feel way out of proportion. A-line skirts are my favourite, because they don’t accentuate my hips too much and they still look stylish. 

The first work item essentials I would recommend having is a black skirt, a smart button up blouse, and a blazer. I used to hate skirts; especially because of my above described dilemma. I felt unattractive and lumpy. Once you dig around enough online store catalogues, you will find a skirt that makes you feel great. I actually prefer skirts to pants now, because they are so versatile, and can soften up your wardrobe. So, if you just don’t like skirts (then skip to the pants section), or if you haven’t found the right one yet then I’m challenging you to go find a nice one.

So, back to the skirt. Sometimes, when you start working, it can be super daunting to find something that is not too “worky”. Everything you put on feels corporate, and I did this whole dissociative thing, where I didn’t recognise myself in work style clothes. It felt like the world was against me, trying to force me to wear clothes that I didn’t feel comfortable in.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is nothing worse, than going to work feeling overdressed, and essentially under qualified at adulting (if you’ve just come out of varsity). You feel like you’re strutting around, on display and a fraud, cause everyone knows you don’t actually dress like this. I really can’t think of much worse.

Pants were also a nightmare for me when I first started working. I’ve been lucky that I can wear black jeans to work (granted they don’t have rips). This sort of made it easier for me to alternate between real corporate pants, and skirts. So for pants, I would say stick to what comes easiest.

For me, it’s those pants with the zips that are almost like leggings – but their not. These pants are like a nice in between. You’re still wearing skinny pants, but they don’t really feel like your typical work pants that you see business ladies wearing. Their comfortable, and more like your usual skinny jeans (which means you won’t be fussing with these as much).

Where would I suggest getting work pants?

Try your closest H&M, or Woolworths. These places have nice styles for young people who are new to work. They have what I like to call “transition work wear”, for when you are really not ready for work wear.

You really want to spend time getting fitted pants, cause you get those pants that look fitted, and they are for the first hour that you wear them, and then you realise they are actually straight leg pants (slaps forehead).

These types of pants are a horror story… Because when did I wear straight leg pants before this? When did I ever wear smart blouses, except for evening events and smart occasions? And now, I’m wearing “looser” pants and a smart blouse? It can be very overwhelming. This happened to me a few times when I first started working, and yes, I am a drama queen, but it made me feel terrible. I was like, no I am not thisadult yet. I am not ready. If you’re at varsity and reading this, you’re probably like no, it won’t be that bad.

But I promise you, you get used to the comfortable skinny jeans/leggings lifestyle. So that’s my advice; take time and effort to find a nice pair of pants and a skirt so you don’t suffer from “adultitis” too much.

It can be really fun trying on different outfits and seeing what works for you. Once, you’ve found a few key items you’ll feel way more confident at the whole adulting thing. Then the rest will just come with time I suppose.

I made some cool outfits through VILLOID, which can be seen below.





How to wear floral print

Floral can be intimidating. There, I said it. I find floral to be overwhelming at the best of times. It’s bright, summary, and striking. All the things, I usually never pair together when getting dressed. However, having seen many people wear floral, I’ve seen that it can be paired down. You can have a black top with floral embellishments, and as such, if you’re like me, then it is easier to try out this trend.

I’ve created some outfits below via Villoid which I think show the different ways you can wear floral stuff.

The first outfit is super casual, and you can wear it when you’re spending the day at the beach. I like the colours, because the orange stands out and the cream colour blends in, and allows the orange to pop. Pair it with some embellished sandals, and you’ll look great.

Maxi dresses can be super sexy. But, when I imagine a floral maxi dress, it isn’t sexy. Except this one is. The black dress works great because it allows the red floral influence to stand out, but not in your typical summer maxi dress style. It’s more vibrant, and the cut is sexy too. Halter neck dresses instantly change a dress, and I think that’s why I like this dress. I don’t usually like maxi dresses, mainly because I’m short, and I just look ridiculous in them. But this one seriously has some style.


The style I would most likely go for is the long sleeve loose blouse paired with a denim skirt. I love this look! The reason why is because these skirts really suit all body shapes. Their like “oh you’re feeling fat today, don’t worry, we will change that.” And who can resist that boho style which is just so effortlessly chic and feminine. YOu can dress this top up and down, just by adding some black pleather jeans, and you have a whole new vibe. I probably have way too many of these tops, but I don’t even care; their fun, and they make you feel great.


So I used to be a tomboy during high school, and varsity. Sweatshirts were my thing; I had about twelve different ones. And their really cool for lounging around, and even going out for an evening. The trick is to just add a statement accessory to make yourself stand out. That’s where the floral comes in with the sweatshirt. An ordinary item suddenly becomes really unique, and cool. Add in some cool heeled ankle boots (maybe even the ones with the sparkles), and you won’t be that girl wearing her boyfriends sweatshirt, but someone everyone remembers.
So that’s it from me, about floral anyway.

Have a great week everyone xx