Taking a Look at the World of Staircases

Okay so sometimes it’s really nice to just admire architecture for what it is. Amazing, surreal, bland and forgettable, or dark and dystopian. I’ve got a gallery here of all the interesting staircases I’ve found that really stand out to me. They’re a mixture of interesting to sublime. Let me know in the comments whatContinue reading “Taking a Look at the World of Staircases”

Why Are Brick Face Exteriors So Great?

Brick face exteriors are great. I mean they’re cost-effective, easy to maintain, and also great to look at. They can look rustic, modern, classy, or laid-back and suburban. It depends on the type and colour of the brick and the overall look and feel of the architecture. One of the reasons that I like brickContinue reading “Why Are Brick Face Exteriors So Great?”

How To Style the Slip Dress Three Ways

Have I told you that I have a secret love for slip dresses? They’re one of my favourite kinds of dresses because they are light, easy to wear, and also can be elegant, sexy or playful depending on the cut, colour and what it’s paired with. I’ve created three collages for you to look throughContinue reading “How To Style the Slip Dress Three Ways”

Why Is Brand Engagement So Important?

Brand engagement is a term that you may have heard by a marketing professional. But what is it really? When you’re on social media you want people to engage with your brand. So more than wanting to sell your product you actually want to connect with people. When you look at big brands like CocaContinue reading “Why Is Brand Engagement So Important?”

Why Should You Get a LinkedIn Audit?

When you hear LinkedIn Audit you might not know what to think. A LinkedIn audit is basically where a marketing professional will go through your LinkedIn and really optimise it to help people connect to you. These days filling in a LinkedIn profile is more of an art than anything else. You’re there to tellContinue reading “Why Should You Get a LinkedIn Audit?”

Abacon IT Corporate ID Development

I onboarded Abacon IT as a client in late 2019. As an IT Consultancy that was still in the start-up space I had a lot of freedom to really explore how Abacon IT would develop. I was given complete freedom to develop the corporate ID and social media look and feel over a period ofContinue reading “Abacon IT Corporate ID Development”

Would You Wear a Canadian Tuxedo?

Let’s face it – there’s nothing better than feeling fresh, free and happy when it’s the summer. I adore this outfit because it is denim on denim and it looks so light and fresh. It takes a brave person to pull off this type of look. What I recommend if you are looking to tryContinue reading “Would You Wear a Canadian Tuxedo?”