What is the Buyer’s Journey?

The Buyer’s Journey might have been something that you have heard as a business owner. It is an integral concept to understand if you are working in marketing, sales or are a business owner. This is because when you’re trying to convert someone to becoming a paying client you need to take the time to understand how they will start their buying journey and how they will finish it.

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Why Is Brand Engagement So Important?

Brand engagement is a term that you may have heard by a marketing professional. But what is it really?

When you’re on social media you want people to engage with your brand. So more than wanting to sell your product you actually want to connect with people. When you look at big brands like Coca Cola you’ll see that their adverts are about connecting people.

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Why Should You Use Online Advertising?

Let’s face it – times are tough. The economy around the world has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic and we are all looking for ways to save money. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to stop their marketing immediately when they encounter a crisis. This can be extremely damaging to your brand if you do this.

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