This Oversized Jacket Makes Me Feel Things

This outfit makes me happy. I have mixed feelings about oversized jackets in general but this one just works so well. I really like the dark overtones in this outfit and the splash of contrast from the white sleeves and collar. Wearing a jacket hoody, and leggings is truly the best. There is nothing moreContinue reading “This Oversized Jacket Makes Me Feel Things”

Grab your coat and go!

I know a lot of people don’t like this word very much but I do. And this outfit makes me say this; ooof. There are so many things that are right with this outfit. Firstly, it blends sophisticated and girly so well. The girly things include the skirt and that cute little bag. It’s notContinue reading “Grab your coat and go!”

Jersey Knit Re-interpreted

I’m a little bit obsessed with this outfit. Granted that’s because it is black and I love black a bit too much lol. But this outfit has so much going on that I like about it. Firstly, the ripped jeans. Ooof. They are just amazing. Especially with that gorgeous black knit dress. At first, IContinue reading “Jersey Knit Re-interpreted”

Wearing Everything Crop!

So I’ve always been a big fan of the crop top and jersey trend. It’s so cute and it’s really a great way to show off high-waisted pants. I remember in the 2000s when people would wear crop tops and low-rise jeans. And that’s pretty bold – I mean I definitely would not do that.Continue reading “Wearing Everything Crop!”

A little edge with that girly style

Sometimes you want to go ahead and wear something that is girly but you also want to be practical and a bit edgy. Being girly is fun but being edgy is my favourite. It’s like that perfect in between style where you just feel in control and on top of the world. These Doc MartensContinue reading “A little edge with that girly style”

Troian Bellisario Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress to The Golden Globes After Party

Troian Bellisario re-wore her wedding dress (the skirt to be exact) to the 2020 Golden Globes Award After Party. I love the sentiment behind this that you can re-wear something especially in the midst of what is going on with our planet and the global warming crisis. Being sustainable is really where everything needs toContinue reading “Troian Bellisario Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress to The Golden Globes After Party”

Best Golden Globes Looks

So the 2020 Golden Globes have come and gone and I’ve compiled some of my favourite looks. Zoey Deutch looked amazing in this gown. Winnie looks drop-dead gorgeous in this dress! I love the slit and this gorgeous stiletto! Sienna looks stylish and sophisticated. Always been a big fan of her. I love how RoseContinue reading “Best Golden Globes Looks”