Keeping it fresh with these 2 looks

There’s something about a denim jacket that makes me happy. This one in particular is very Lucy Hale esque. And if you don’t know, I think Lucy Hale is awesome. That girl is all about skincare and you can see it. Her skin is glowing everytime she’s anywhere. I need to get her skincare routineContinue reading “Keeping it fresh with these 2 looks”

Holiday Look Outfit Inspo: adding black to your look

So in my previous post I spoke about how you can stop relying on black all the time. Now I’ll speak about how you can incorporate black into your holiday attire. If you’re like me and wearing colour is something you need to remind yourself to do then holiday fashion can be overwhelming. That’s becauseContinue reading “Holiday Look Outfit Inspo: adding black to your look”

Stuck wearing black all the time? Here’s how to change that.

I love this look. Cardi’s are amazing – I’ve said this before for sure. This cute little top works so well with the other layers of this outfit cause it’s floral. Floral is like one of those things that just work with so many things. Especially summer outfits. This top has a really cute necklineContinue reading “Stuck wearing black all the time? Here’s how to change that.”