The One-Piece Bathing Suit

The one-piece bathing suit actually came a long time ago. Traditionally women wore Victorian style bloomers that were not revealing or figure hugging. They appeared more like dresses than swimsuits.

Annette Kellerman was an Australian swimmer born in 1887 and she was arrested for wearing a one-piece swimsuit – otherwise known as a maillot in these time period. There was a huge public outcry and she was released. In fact, this caused an outpouring of support from women to wear a one-piece versus the Victorian bloomers.

By the 1920s one-pieces with shorts started to see a rise in popularity. They were more common because women needed a functional outfit when they were at the beach. Going to the beach became a common activity for relaxation and therefore, the Victorian style outfits were not conducive to swimming and tanning. Stockings were worn with these one-pieces and long sleeve tops were worn over these too.

Necklines got lower in the 1930s. New fabrics like nylon and latex meant that women could wear tighter swimsuits; although these were not like the ones we have today. Previously in the 1920s swimsuits often came in fabrics we wouldn’t see today; like silk or jersey style fabric.

The next style of swimsuit was the Swing Style Bathing Suit. It may look modest today but it was not in the 1940s. It was a step away from the one-piece with shorts. It covered the entire backside area and it was almost like a short skirt. I think they were kinda cute!

Swing Style Bathing Suits

I really think the styles were so cute especially the colours. Bikinis are so much more simplistic mostly. I mean you get fancy cut outs and designs on one-pieces but these are so cute.

50s bathing suits

Vast improvements were made for bathing suits in the 1950s. Suddenly the fabric was better suited for the water and the beach. Nylon and elastic were added to the bathing suits. This basically made it easier for you to dry and for you to move around. It’s so crazy for me to think that swimming suits were not like they are today.

Comparatively, from a fashion perspective, the patterns were different in the 50s to the 40s. Solid colours were in. Patterns weren’t as popular now. I still can’t get over how cute these are – not going to lie – not digging the hair though.

50s bathing suits

The princes bathing suit

50s bathing suits

The bubble swimsuit

50s bathing suits

I think it is really cool that the style wanted to emphasize your hips. I wish more styles did that today. Sometimes, I feel shy about my hips so I think more styles should embrace larger hips and celebrate them.

 Baby Doll swimsuits

50s bathing suits

These swimsuits seem so foreign to me. They look like very simplistic playsuits to me. I can’t even imagine going swimming in these. The fabric doesn’t even look like a bathing suit!

The Empire Waist Swimsuit

50s bathing suits

Waists were there to be shown off. If you wanted to show off your curves then this one would have been the one to get.

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Annette Kellerman

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I definitely enjoyed researching this. Have a good one!


Mod Dresses in the 60s

So what were mod dresses? Mod Dresses came out of the 60s and they were dubbed mod, short for modern. This was meant to be a minimalist style, but you’ll see that mod style was actually really colourful and brightly patterned.

One thing about 60s fashion is the mindset that ‘anything goes’. So with mod fashion it was a mix and match of different styles and patterns.

Mod Dresses

Some Mod Dresses would look weird in 2019, but some of the plainer ones might look cool. Like this orange one looks kinda cool and so does the black pinafore mod dress. Obviously I would be drawn to simple ones… I am kind of minimalist too. I kind of think I would have rocked Mod Dresses if I had been more in the 60s. Mini skirts too…

What are your favourite Mod Dress styles? Do you prefer the traditional colour-block Mod Dresses? Would you consider wearing a Mod Dress in 2019?

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Can your Clothes Survive a Cape Town Trance Party?

Summer Carnival

Everyone loves a summer festival. Cape Town is known for its many summer parties and trance festivals, and people often ask me, what does one wear to a trance party? Here are some tips on how to plan an outfit for a trance party.

Cape town Nights

Everyone knows the summer Cape Town nights do not get very cold, and when you are dancing you hardly feel the breeze. Baggy cardigans are great as they are very pretty and they give you a chilled look. Alternatively you can throw on a hoody as this will provide more warmth and you can still look cute.


Shown above is an outfit that one can wear to one of the many festivals. You want to look carefree and happy. The skater skirt creates a flirty vibe, yet you still look summery and fashionable.


Crop tops are also a great addition to trance parties. With high-wasited shorts or skirts you can choose the amount of skin you wish to show. Patterned crop tops, or tie dye crop tops work well, as trance party goers love tie dye patterns. Crop tops are basically a necessity in the mid-summer heat. Buy a few so you can alternate.


Everyone loves a loose, flowing tank top. One that sways to the rhythm of the music. Tank tops are great for when the summer is either beginning or ending, as they provide more warmth than a crop top and they can be worn with more types of pants or skirts.


Lace, lace, lace. This trend is fast-becoming a fashion staple, and with lace shorts, jerseys, skirts and tops, there is no limit to lace. White or black lace shorts look very cute, and girls wear them all around the university campus.


A small sling bag is essential to having a good night. A small bag is essential as it light weight and does not cause shoulder pain. That is a killer, it makes any seasoned partier want to go home. An alternative to a sling bag is the little faux leather backpacks everyone is wearing around campus. These are comfortable, chic, and they are light and carry everything you need.


Jewellery choices are important as you don’t want to lose whatever it is that you are wearing. Instead wear a chain that is secured to your neck or a fitted bracelet.


Flower crowns are very popular at the moment, and make you look feminine. They come in many variations and most clothing shops sell them.


Sneakers are the ultimate trance party stompers, and they are comfortable and will not give you blisters.

Avoid high-heels, intricate sandals, and tight ballet flats. You will be wearing them non-stop, and it will be painful to wear shoes that cause you pain.


The most important thing at a trance party is to be comfortable in what you are wearing, have fun, and feel great!