Why Is Brand Engagement So Important?

Brand engagement is a term that you may have heard by a marketing professional. But what is it really?

When you’re on social media you want people to engage with your brand. So more than wanting to sell your product you actually want to connect with people. When you look at big brands like Coca Cola you’ll see that their adverts are about connecting people. A lot of their recent campaigns are about people sharing a meal and how Coke brings it all together. Another thing that brands do is try to create a lifestyle that you want to be apart of. Take Apple for example – their products are high-quality but they have exceptional marketing. When you think of Apple products you think top-end, luxurious and exclusive. When you have an Apple product you are a part of “something”. This is where a brand creates such a strong lifestyle attached to it that you want to be apart of it. People directly want to use these products because of how they make them feel and the value that is attached to the brand.

When you run a social media campaign you want to really get people to talk to you. Ask you about your products, share their experiences, and really get to know you. This is where a lot of social media marketing fails. You can’t just sell your product on social media and expect people to want to get to know you. You really have to change how you think and think like a customer. If you saw a company constantly pushing their products onto you, would you feel like they actually care about you? Probably not. But if you saw the same company sharing articles that could help you or teach something you might be less inclined to think they are just after your money. If that same company also shared stories about their staff, about what their passionate about and really showed you why they did what they did would you be more inclined to trust them? Probably. When we see a brand as more than a product that can be sold to us we are more likely to purchase it.

With social media, there is a real opportunity for brands to connect to clients as real people. It’s actually the way forward for all brands; especially startup businesses, SMEs and medium companies. This is because you need to do something to stand out. With every company on social media these days, you have to remember that you need to be different.

If your competition promotes their products and service offerings how can you show yourself differently? Well, firstly you can get in front of the camera and introduce yourself and the people in your team to the world. People want to do business with people, not big brands that hide behind fancy graphics. People want real, authentic stories that they can connect with and relate to. If you start sharing snippets from your working life, and show that you are interested in the lives of your clients then you will see a shift in how people work with you.

Brand engagement isn’t about creating awareness about your products or service offerings, it’s about connecting to other people.

Why Should You Get a LinkedIn Audit?

When you hear LinkedIn Audit you might not know what to think. A LinkedIn audit is basically where a marketing professional will go through your LinkedIn and really optimise it to help people connect to you.

These days filling in a LinkedIn profile is more of an art than anything else. You’re there to tell a story, build relationships and add value to people. But what does this really mean?

If you’re new to LinkedIn or don’t work in marketing how do you quantify what a good profile is? If you’re just filling in the fields as to what you do, then how do you really stand out?

Well, that’s where the about field, recommendations, and featured tabs come in. The about field really allows you to share a story about yourself; allow people to connect to you. You wouldn’t just write down the facts about a friend if you were introducing them at a party – you’d share relatable things about them to get people to warm up to them faster. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile.

Recommendations are a great feature in LinkedIn because they really help you build credibility, and since LinkedIn is about adding value to others; you can add a recommendation for someone you work with. This shows up on your profile and theirs and it is a nice thing to do and really encompasses the spirit of LinkedIn. Recommendations also allow you to really dive into what you do and showcase what is important to you.

Recommendations are a great feature in LinkedIn because they really help you build credibility, and since LinkedIn is about adding value to others; you can add a recommendation for someone you work with. This shows up on your profile and theirs and it is a nice thing to do and really encompasses the spirit of LinkedIn. Recommendations also allow you to really dive into what you do and showcase what is important to you.

A lot of people make the mistake of putting too little on each job description. This really is a big mistake because the more information you offer the more quickly someone can see if you’re the right fit to work with or hire. What I would recommend is that you go ahead and put in bullet points the major parts of your job. And be sure to include the jobs you’ve had up and until this point. People forget that LinkedIn is about connecting with others – if you start sharing more information say for instance “I worked at Telsa”, then you might have someone visiting your profile who also worked at Telsa and be more inclined to connect with you because you have something in common. The same goes for where you went to school and university. These similarities help foster connections and ultimately help you grow your business, help you get your next job or just become an industry leader.

Finally, the last step you can take is to really think about the types of content that you would like to publish on your page. Standing out is one thing but the next way to really utilise LinkedIn is to make sure you’re reaching people in your network, growing your network and showing people that you know what you are talking about.

Marketing yourself on LinkedIn shouldn’t be seen as something unnecessary and time-wasting but rather a great investment of your time if you are looking to really add value to yourself and others.

Why Should You Use Online Advertising?

Let’s face it – times are tough. The economy around the world has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic and we are all looking for ways to save money. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to stop their marketing immediately when they encounter a crisis. This can be extremely damaging to your brand if you do this.

However, if you are looking at ways to grow your business or just keep it afloat during these difficult times then you should consider online paid advertising.

Why Should You Use Online Paid Advertising Versus Traditional Advertising?

Unlike traditional advertising paid advertising is extremely targeted; meaning you will reach your clients much easier and for much less money. In addition, you’ll be able to really target the specific people you are looking to reach. With traditional advertising on radio and print you will not be able to target as specifically.

Paid advertising is a quarter of the cost that radio and print advertising. In addition, you can tweak your online campaigns once you have created them so if you see that your targeting hasn’t been so successful, you can change it accordingly.

The next thing that makes online advertising so much better is that you have measurable metrics showing you everything you need to know about how your advert is performing. If you want to see your click through rates, or your lead form responses – all the info is there. With a newspaper or radio ad it might be harder to know how many people actually converted due to seeing these ads.

As a small to medium company you may not have the biggest marketing budget compared to a big corporate – but that’s why online paid advertising is for you. You can control your spend, you only pay for the clicks that you get and you can really reach the right people that you’re looking to attract.

If you’re thinking about where to take your company next then it might be time to consider paid advertising as a way to really set yourself apart from your competition.

Abacon IT Corporate ID Development

I onboarded Abacon IT as a client in late 2019. As an IT Consultancy that was still in the start-up space I had a lot of freedom to really explore how Abacon IT would develop. I was given complete freedom to develop the corporate ID and social media look and feel over a period of a few months. I am quite excited to share with you how I have developed it over the last few months.

The first thing I did when I onboarded Abacon IT was to really see how they added value to their client’s lives and what they really did on a day to day basis. I then created a look and feel for Abacon IT and created a logo for them.

See below the templates I have created for social media as well as the logo design I have done.

Furthermore I decided that Abacon IT’s logo needed a look and feel that really reflected who they are as a company. So using their newly developed corporate ID colours; white, blue and grey I created a logo that I felt was accurate to who they are as a brand. I have uploaded these with a grey bacground to see it easily. As you can see I have created a colour version and flattened version of the logo.

I am really excited to continue doing work for Abacon IT as they are such an innovative, fast-thinking IT Consultancy company that really stands out from the rest.

You can visit Abacon IT here or Ryan at 072 601 2858 for any IT consulting needs.

To view Abacon IT’s Facebook page click here
To view Abacon IT’s LinkedIn page click here

To view my portfolio click here

Would You Wear a Canadian Tuxedo?

Let’s face it – there’s nothing better than feeling fresh, free and happy when it’s the summer. I adore this outfit because it is denim on denim and it looks so light and fresh. It takes a brave person to pull off this type of look. What I recommend if you are looking to try this trend is either stick to dark denim and a light denim or try light shades of denim.

I think as far as trying dark blue or a rich blue paired with each other you’re more likely to look like you’re stuck in a time warp than look cool.

What really works for this outfit is this bag and baguette. I joke… But the bag does wonders for this outfit because of its shape and colour. A more rounded bag is more feminine and this bag with it’s solid lines give it bulk and balance this outfit nicely. It’s a tomboy kind of look but this bag also adds a touch of flintiness to it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s always in the accessories.

Would you guys try out this age old trend?

How To Pull Off A Long Jacket

When I saw this image online I was immediately in love. The contrasting dark colours, the crop top, the high-waisted pants paired with this long coat. I was all in. This classic style paired with the more modern crop-top look is exactly the type of fashion that we need more of. For so many reasons this outfit is amazing.

Some reasons as to why this outfit works.
Accessories are kept to a minimum. The outfit speaks for itself and so no accessories are needed as they will actually take away from this look.

The colours are both dark and therefore, serious and this pairs well with the overall sophisticated look. This models hair is loose and this works with the overall symmetry of this look.

The turtleneck neckline looks clean paired with this coat’s traditional style collar. The fabric of this coat is also very retro and screams the nineties and I am here for it. This reminds me very much of Prue Halliwell in Charmed where she wore big black leather coats with crop tops and high waisted slacks. She looked stunning.

This whole outfit is sophisticated and timeless and if I had my way – more people would be taking charge like this with fashion.

Wear it light and loose

You’ve got to admit – this outfit is hella cool. It kind of reminds me of model Stormi Bree on Instagram. She has a shabby chic nonchalant style which she pulls of super well.

Have you been considering wearing an oversized blouse? Well they can be tricky considering it’s all about balancing the rest of the outfit. So for example you’ll want to wear tighter jeans or even a fitted skirt to balance out the looseness of the top.

What I really like about this type of look is it really shows off someone’s femininity. I feel like this because it is soft and elegant and also just leaves something to the imagination. Gosh I know, I sound 100 saying that but come on – it’s pretty in its own way and I like that.

Have you guys tried out this type of look?

Oversized blazer and jeans

Come on let’s face it – what’s better than an over-sized blazer and jeans? Ok – nothing. Lol but for real – it is pretty cool.

What I love about this style is that it is perfect for going on a day trip. It goes from day to night really easily and is so chic. The trick to this kind of style is to make sure that you wear a fitting too or tuck a top in so that you still have a shape and aren’t just one long line.

Pop on a pair of sneakers or high heeled boots and you’re good to go. I dig this style

Pastels are my fave

Okay so I really really love pastel colours. They’re really cute ok… So I found this outfit that I adore and it makes me really happy. Thought I’d share it with you guys. I hope you like it, like I did. That’s a lot of like isn’t it “winks”…. Gosh lockdown needs to end or I will really go crazy.

#Lockdown Style

I think this ensemble is very cute. I love the green and white flannel pants – they are great for lazing around in the house – which I think a lot of us are doing at the moment around the world. I also like these colours – mixing white and pastel colours always works and it gives this outfit a carefree and happy look and feel. These sneakers are cute cause they mean you could potentially wear this outfit outside – I mean I think I would…

I also really like this top’s style – it is cute because it’s a crop and it has a high neckline. Crop tops with high necklines make me feel good cause they’re balanced (and yes I really am all about balance). I also dig them because their versatile and you can dress them from day to night super easily.

Anyway – what do you guys think about this outfit?