How to wear an asymmetrical top

One of my big fears is wearing an asymmetrical top because I am not sure how it will look on my body. But I reckon you should just go for it because it’s a major trend and everyone who wears them looks awesome.

The thing about these tops is they are cool. They have an edgy vibe and they can be worn with leather jackets and jeggings.

I like this green top because it is embellished and it is sophisticated. It is not a common colour to be worn, but I think that’s why it is great because it stands out.

These heels are awesome because just look at them. Their mixed matched and this goes with the overall theme of having an asymmetrical top.

A clutch is also great because it’s simple and just makes the outfit great.


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How to look sexy in winter

So winter is one of those times where it can hard to look sexy with all those layers. The trick is to find one part of your outfit that stands out from the regular thick chunky knits we all like to throw on. Remember that you are going to go inside at some stage so wear something daring, or something that makes you feel good because you don’t want to feel boring for the whole winter.

The reason I love these pants in this outfit is because they look really good! They can make anyone look good and they can be worn from day to night.  These killer stilettos are also great paired with this top and with these pants, and bag.

These types of bags are perfect for any occasion as they allow you to cram all sorts of goodies inside including essential makeup.

This crop top is awesome because lace is in, and it just works with the overall theme.

The main trick with winter is to make sure you don’t fall into a rut of wearing chunky knits all the time, and try to find pretty pieces to wear underneath that you can show off.


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Your Wedding Make-Up Questions Answered – Guest Post

By Katie Jones

You’re all geared up with little details for your big day. From table linen, flowers, dresses, caterers, and the wedding cake to shoes, accessories, and wedding favors – you’re ready for it all. The only thing left for you now is to concentrate on yourself. Once you’ve decided on your wedding dress and had your fitting done, it’s obvious that you would want to look the prettiest on your wedding day!

You can either have a few test runs done with a makeup professional or you can do your makeup yourself. Whichever option you choose, Katie from Orla James says you should use products that are tried and tested earlier. She recently attended a wedding where the bride used a new foundation that turned clumpy on her face! Don’t let this happen to you. Only use makeup products that you are comfortable with and have previously used on your skin to avoid any last minute surprises.

Let us help you with a few wedding makeup tips that are out of the ordinary:

  • Lighten your under-eyes:

You will be on your toes the entire day and may feel a little tired. Your under eyes will start looking grey and tired. Use a concealer to brighten and cover your under eyes. As the day progresses, your face will remain fresh and bright looking. Using a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone to cover and brighten your eyes will enhance your eyeshadow to look striking. You can also accentuate your brows with concealer on your brow bone.

Makeup 1

  • Shape and Shade your eyebrows:

Shape your eyebrows with hard wax, threading, or tweezers a week prior to your wedding day. On the morning of your big day, do not forget to lightly fill your brows out with an eyebrow pencil that is the closest shade to your hair color. Cameras and lights always catch imperfections that are visible in photos. Shade your eyebrows to ensure you are picture perfect all day long.

  • Waterproof Makeup:

You might get a little emotional on your wedding day. If not, you might feel a little perspiration because of the lights or the weather. This is especially true of summer weddings. Waterproof makeup helps keep your makeup looking fresh and clean throughout the ceremony and reception. It also helps to have waterproof mascara in case you get a little emotional.


  • Blend your makeup with a sponge or beauty blender:

Avoid using your fingers and brushes as much as possible. Fingers generate body heat as you apply your makeup and might mess up the color and tone of your products. Another trick is to keep your fingers as far away from your face as possible to avoid unnecessary smudging, dirt, and fingerprints! Brushes tend to leave strokes of foundation or concealer and contour powders. Avoid all these issues by blending your makeup (with a sponge) directly onto your skin. Remember, the camera catches all imperfections.

Makeup 2


  • Reapply your lipstick throughout the day:

You will keep smiling and talking on the day of your wedding. Keep reapplying your lipstick after you eat or drink. Always have your lipstick shade handy (preferably with one of your bridesmaids) so that you don’t have to carry it on you at all times.


  • Use trusted eye drops:

Many brides experience last-minute jitters and nervousness on the day of the wedding. This might show up in your eyes too. If you haven’t slept well the night prior, you might wake up with red eyes the morning of! Use trusted eye drops to whiten your eyes and soothe any redness you might develop. You can also do this the previous night before you sleep so that you wake up with fresh, clear looking eyes.


  • Use oil blotting sheets:

Makeup can get oily or greasy as the day progresses. Use oil blotting sheets or matte sprays on your makeup every 3 – 4 hours to look fresh and dewy all day long. Ensure you choose a sheet that won’t blot your makeup and instantly removes any excess oils from your face.


Remember it’s your wedding day and you must look picture perfect all day long. Use makeup shades that are closest to your skin tones and avoid too many dark colors on your face. Instead of dark eyeshadow and smoky eyes for the ceremony, you could opt for pinks and peaches on your skin. Similarly, opt for darker shades during evening weddings and receptions to look your best! Most importantly, keep smiling. Nothing makes you look prettier than a gorgeous smile.

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Why Layering is Perfect

We all have those days when it is cold and rainy and we don’t want to go out for brekkie on that weekend morning. We want to snuggle up in bed and feel well, lazy.

For mornings where you want to fight the urge to be lazy, here’s a great outfit to combat the cold.

A nice sleeveless puffer jacket is great for when you are on-the-go and busy. Pair it with a polo neck and you will be super warm.

Boots are a given when it’s cold, and you can change up the colour depending on your mood.

A sling bag may seem a bit strange to have, but when you’re sitting down with the girl’s, the last thing you want is a big bag getting in your way.

Lastly, just stay warm and have a good time.


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Your Festival Go-To

Festivals are a time where you can really explore fashion and also have a lot of fun. Festival’s like Afrika Burn showcase some of the most insane fashion and really encompass the mood of many.

For me the best fashion styles for a festival is something loose and easy to walk around in.

This layered tank is flirty and fun. It allows you to switch from day to night as it has a subtle air of sophistication to it.

Wearing a matching backpack is a cool addition to any outfit as you can rock with it at a festival and not be forced to carry side bags.

Sneakers are a must as they allow you to party all night and not get blisters. Some styles also are wipeable and then the dirt will come off. This is perfect for when it gets muddy at a festival.

I really like these types of shorts as they are perfect for mix-and matching and they are super cute.


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Simple in black

Black is such an easy colour to wear and that’s why I like wearing it at night. You can make your accessories stand out. It’s nice as it can be sexy and sophisticated, and you can wear so much with it.

This leather jacket is perfect because it is figure-hugging and edgy. Leggings are great because they are sleek, and cool for the night.


Wear a matte lipstick and a bold statement necklace and you’re ready.

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Sweat Shirts are Versatile

Sweat shirts are easy to wear, chilled items that are great when you just want to hang out and relax.

This black sweat shirt is great because it’s mixed with khaki jeans which really make the outfit look cool. Pairing it with a beanie adds an edgy vibe and a choker is optional to step up the outfit.


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Reasons to wear a maroon dress

Winter is all about dark, luscious colors that burst in the cold, stark days.

It is great because it is feminine, bold, and very sophisticated.

The style of the dress is classy with a high-neck and it’s flared out bottom. This dress is perfect to be paired with jackets, blazers a pullover.

Since it is a simple style this dress is easy to dress up or down for day or night.

Add a plain clutch and black heels and you are set to go.


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Why light coloured jersey’s are great

Light coloured jerseys are my fave. Paired with leggings and ugg boots is like a timeless fashion piece. I mean, I know it’s stereotypical girl clothes, but you can really make it work.

I love the fact that you can just look all snug and feel great.

The second item that I love is this black lacy bra. It can be worn at a festival or a hot summers day, as a top, or you can wear it as a lacy bra.

I’m obsessed with these lacy bras as their so versatile. You can wear them underneath a blouse on a night out and you’ll look chic and sexy.