And again with the crop tops!

Okay so if you read my other post about crop tops you’ll know that I mentioned how great it is that high-waisted skirts and pants exist to make crop tops accessible for everyone. This outfit feels reminiscent of something Lucy Hale would wear. Speaking of Lucy Hale have you guys seen her show Katy Keene is coming out soon? I am definitely keen to watch it. Still can’t admit how obsessed I was growing up watching Pretty Little Liars. That show and the fashion just inspired me so much.

Anyway back to this outfit… It feels like this outfit also looks amazing because it’s got that whole balanced feel to it. You’ll notice that the jeans are cuffed which created a gap between her ankles and that works so well with the gap between the jeans and the crop top. Okay, so I’m not sure if she’s standing on her tippy toes in black socks or if they are high-heeled ankle boots. But high-heeled ankle boots are always a great addition to an outfit with a crop top. The reason being is a crop top breaks your body so to speak whereas when you don’t have a crop top and there isn’t a gap showing skin your body looks longer. Like for instance if you wear all black or all grey – your body looks thinner and taller because it doesn’t have that “break-up” effect as if you were wearing blue and orange. So it’s the same with the high-heels. It’s all an illusion lol. I really like this little handbag because it is dainty and it goes with the overall gold accents. You’ll notice that this model’s ring, bracelet and necklace are all gold. It’s all in the details and I know this can be intimidating but it comes down to practice. If you practice pairing things together that are similar you’ll find it gets easier with time.

This Oversized Jacket Makes Me Feel Things

This outfit makes me happy. I have mixed feelings about oversized jackets in general but this one just works so well. I really like the dark overtones in this outfit and the splash of contrast from the white sleeves and collar. Wearing a jacket hoody, and leggings is truly the best. There is nothing more comfortable and dope. I really do love this kind of style. Also that beanie is cool. Basically I need to wear stuff like this in the winter way more than I have been.

I know a lot of people don’t like this word very much but I do. And this outfit makes me say this; ooof. There are so many things that are right with this outfit. Firstly, it blends sophisticated and girly so well.

The girly things include the skirt and that cute little bag. It’s not easy to mix cute and sophisticated styles together but this outfit just looks so elegant. Firstly the best way to mix and match styles is to look at the clothes you want to piece together and think about if you’ve seen people wear them together and if you liked how they look. If you did think about how you can do the same with your outfit. Also, with skirts tucking in is your friend. When you have a skirt that cinches in your waist it just looks so dainty. And dainty can translate to sophisticated if you pair it with the right pieces. That’s why this jacket and beautiful white knit look so great because they add a sense of class to this whole look. Also, I need to buy myself a pair of suede boots like this. They just speak to me on a soul level. Ooof. Everything about this outfit including that low ponytail (how can you pull that off without looking like a founding father!) is just amazing.

I’m not even going to ask you guys if you like this – I just expect you to, and want to know why you do in the comments.

Jersey Knit Re-interpreted

I’m a little bit obsessed with this outfit. Granted that’s because it is black and I love black a bit too much lol. But this outfit has so much going on that I like about it. Firstly, the ripped jeans. Ooof. They are just amazing. Especially with that gorgeous black knit dress. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about that belt but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. I love how casual it is and it looks like she just grabbed something out of her closet and made it work. And that’s why I dig it so much. It takes courage to just make a statement like that. And it works. Got major respect for that kind of style. Anyway, I also love her hair – I am forever in love with that little ponytail at the top. It’s just too cute you know.

Do you guys also think this outfit is goals?

Wearing Everything Crop!

So I’ve always been a big fan of the crop top and jersey trend. It’s so cute and it’s really a great way to show off high-waisted pants. I remember in the 2000s when people would wear crop tops and low-rise jeans. And that’s pretty bold – I mean I definitely would not do that. But this fully-emerged trend of high-waisted pants and skirits just makes crop tops so do-able. Also, I adore these thick heeled ankle boots. They make my heart sore. Also, if you must know neutrals are my favourite and pairing black, grey and dark green just make me happy. A bralette is a must have and Cotton On Body always have the most amazing selection available. I would definitely check them out! Put on a pair of faded jeans with neutral colours and crops and you will just look divine!

A little edge with that girly style

Sometimes you want to go ahead and wear something that is girly but you also want to be practical and a bit edgy. Being girly is fun but being edgy is my favourite. It’s like that perfect in between style where you just feel in control and on top of the world.

These Doc Martens and leather jacket downplay the girliness of this front slit dress (which can I say is just too cool!) I also like how this model has worn her hair loose to go with the vibe of this look because it is meant to be cool.

What are your guys thoughts on this outfit?

Troian Bellisario Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress to The Golden Globes After Party

Troian Bellisario re-wore her wedding dress (the skirt to be exact) to the 2020 Golden Globes Award After Party. I love the sentiment behind this that you can re-wear something especially in the midst of what is going on with our planet and the global warming crisis. Being sustainable is really where everything needs to go; especially fashion. However, re-wearing her wedding dress is a bold choice that I feel needs to be commended because it takes guts. People can be so judgemental of what you wear; especially if you wear something like a wedding dress again in a different context. Also, with materialism being an obsession in our current world, the fact that she didn’t give into this pressure to get something made is just divine. True to the character Troian played – Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars – I think this decision just shows how much of a beautiful, strong person she is.

Moving on to how she looks – agh I just love Troian. She was always my favourite Pretty Little Liar for what she went through and how she handled it. She was real, raw and determined and I loved that about her. I love how dainty this skirt and top make Troian look. They accentuate how feminine and petite she is and she just looks elegant. Her simple hairstyle shows off her beautiful cheekbones and the light pastel colours really contrast well with her olive-skin. Overall, I just think this is the best I’ve ever seen Troian. She really did a number on us this year.

Best Golden Globes Looks

So the 2020 Golden Globes have come and gone and I’ve compiled some of my favourite looks.

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch looked amazing in this gown.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie looks drop-dead gorgeous in this dress! I love the slit and this gorgeous stiletto!

Sienna Miller

Sienna looks stylish and sophisticated. Always been a big fan of her.

Rose Leslie

I love how Rose looks in this dress. She looks so happy and comfortable and I think on a night like this a lot of people don’t feel comfortable.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese looking lovely in white. She’s one of those people who just look amazing in everything.

Troian Bellisario and Patrick Adams

Ooof. These two just make my heart so happy. I adore both of them and I love Troian’s decision to re-wear part of her wedding dress. #SustainableFashionForTheWin.

Margot Robbie

I don’t know what it is about this gown but it’s just so refreshing.

Kaitlyn Dever

Should probably know who Kaitlyn is but I don’t. I dig this though.

Joey King

I’ve loved Joey ever since I saw “The Kissing Booth” and realised it was filmed in Cape Town. Joey looks incredible in this!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is looking timeless in this beautiful gown.

Gillian Anderson

The Sex Education actress Gillian Anderson looks breathtaking in this.

Cate Blanchett

I adore Cate Blanchett and I think this dress is just incredible. It reminds me of a shell and she just embodies it so well.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter dazzling us as he always does.

Ana de Armas

I love this gown on Ana.

Amy Poehler

I saved the best for last – I love Amy. From seeing her in Parks and Recreation to just getting to know what she stands for makes me proud to be a woman. So happy to see her here and shining. Heard she made quite an impression at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony itself and I’m just so happy about it.

What were your favourite looks from the 2020 Golden Globes?

Makeup Tutorial: How To Apply Foundation

If you’re just starting out using make up, you’ll know how intimidating the makeup aisle can be. You might be standing in front of the Revlon stand at Clicks not knowing the difference between concealer and contour. The make up fairies in white coats may be trying to explain to you exactly why you need a matte mousse and you want to scream, “I’m still using my fingers!”, but you’re far too polite to do that. 

Well, fear not Cinderlly. Your fairy makeup-mother is here to help. Lemme break it down for you. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get your foundation looking Instagram ready. 

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Believe it or not, a good foundation starts about half an hour before any kind of make up goes on your face. One thing we want to avoid when we’re doing foundation, is that whole face peeling, dry-looking,  I-haven’t-had-a-glass-of-water-in-months appearance. If your skin is dry and flakey, anything you put over it will raise the dryness. So make sure that you and your skin is hydrated. Drink lots of water and find a skin care routine that works. About 30-40 minutes before you want to start make up, get a good moisturizer and apply it to your skin. Give it about 15 minutes to absorb and take 1 PLY tissue and blot down all the excess moisture. We don’t want dry skin but we don’t want a slip and slide either. If your skin is oily, get a skin regiment that works for you. But you still gotta moisturize!

2.  The Prime of your life

If your body is a wall, imagine primer as a base coat. Your skin has lots of textures and tiny little holes called pores. When you put the foundation or concealer on without the primer, all of the make up will stick differently to these parts and start creasing (creasing is when it clumps up in different areas). The primer creates an even base for all the foundation and concealer to stick to the skin more effectively. It also protects the make up from going into your pores and helps prevent break out. 

3. Conceal, don’t feel

Here’s where things get a little artistic. Gone are the days where concealer is only one colour that goes everywhere. Some genius somewhere figured out that different colours need to be covered, with specific colours. The main things we’re trying to cover are bruises, spots and redness. 

This picture is of a colour correcting palette. The browns are for very light blemishes that have faded over time. The green covers any redness, i.e. acne, pimples, pink scars, etc. The reddish colour is meant to cover any dark bruises, like the bags under your eyes. The yellow cancels out any purple blemishes and the purple cancels out the yellow (because colour wheel and things).

Thank you for coming to aunty Carmel’s art class.

And don’t worry. Your face might look like a Picasso but it will balance out once you put your foundation on.

4. Let’s get in foundation

Foundation’s the easy part right? WRONG! 

There’s two parts to getting a good foundation going. First of all, get yourself a colour that matches your skintone. The absolute worst thing you can do is get a foundation that doesn’t match you. When choosing your foundation, get the brightest light possible and look at yourself with the foundation on in that light. Pay special attention to the difference in tone between your face (feat. foundation) and your neck. There is only so much that blending can fix. 

Next is the application process and unlike job hunting, this comes last. The way I apply works for me so if you find this a bit tricky, there might be a different way that works for you. 

For the application, you need two tools. Yes, we are building a foundation so we need tools.  The first, is a foundation brush which looks like the flat Fenty brush in this picture (the beige one). Different people use different brushes but this type of brush will allow you to use less product. The next thing you’ll need is a beauty blender. This is an absolute essential. If the budget is tight and you need to choose between a blender and a foundation brush, get the blender. The blenders come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Get the one you like most.

Now we get to the fun part. Take the bottle of foundation and apply the foundation directly onto your face from the bottle. Draw a line on either cheek, your forehead, a tiny one on your nose and chin, and under each eye. Next, take the brush and, well, paintbrush it onto your face. Sweep it all across until your face is covered. (For extra security, go down into your neck as well). 

By now, your face will look a bit strange because it literally looks like you painted it on. FEAR NOT! This is why we need a sponge. Take the sponge and either spray some setting spray onto it, or run it under a tap and squeeze all the excess water out. With the damp sponge, pat down the foundation onto your face. DO NOT RUB! Flip it to the narrow side to get the little areas under your eyes. Keep patting until everything is smooth and looks even. If you see some spots are still not covered to your satisfaction, go back in with a little bit more. Don’t put any foundation directly onto the brush or sponge as it will use more foundation than necessary and you will run out very soon.

5. Girl Powder

We’ve all seen the movies where a girl says shes going to “powder her nose”. And at some point we’ve seen that this powder is either white or very light and wondered to ourselves “how does this help anyone?”. I come bearing answers.

This is called fixing powder. It’s there to fix your foundation in place. You want to make sure your face isn’t oily or shiny from the foundation and that it doesn’t move around. Enter: fixing powder.

Many people would advise you to get one that has pigment similar to your foundation or skin tone. However, all this does is add layers to your face that you dont need and creates an even cakey-er (is that a word?) look. Instead, opt for a translucent fixing powder. Before applying, blot your skin with old faithful 1 PLY to absorb any excess moisture. Apply the powder lightly with a big fluffy brush until it blends away.

6. Ready, set, go!

Finally, and easily, get some setting spray and spray it onto your face. This will make sure the make up doesn’t run or rub off during the course of the day.

Thus concludes our journey through Foundation Station. Whatever your make up ends up looking like, wear it with confidence. If you make a mistake, pretend it was meant to look like that. Make up is meant to be fun so have fun and don’t stress. If Madam Lucy will have me back, we’ll navigate our way through Contour Country and the Isle of Eyeshadow until you’re ready for Instagram.

Stay safe. Stay Strong. And remember, don’t blend and drive.

Writer’s BioCarmel Absolon

Carmel is an avid makeup fan and amateur stylist. She loves keeping on top of all the beauty trends from makeup, to hairstyle and fashion. When she’s not busy with all things beauty, you can find her exploring Japan’s scenic landscapes.