So I made this design because I have this dream to have my designs featured in a big magazine like Vogue. I adore the idea of having a swimwear catalogue for like “Summer Style 2020” or something. So I made this and felt very excited at the prospect of one day being able to have my stuff featured in a magazine.

Do you guys like it?

So I’ve been playing around with designs and I created this design because it has a similar sort of aesthetic running through the photos. It just sort of highlights to me the journey this model took as she got ready for her night-out. It’s sort of random but I think it looks cool lol.

I made this design ages ago and I still think it’s kind of cool so I decided to post it. I really like the use of this pinky colour in outfit 2 and 3. It brings a touch of femininity and brightens up the looks.

Overall these outfits have a very spring/summery feel to them. I adore outfit one because the blue really contrasts nicely with the white and creates a chilled vibe. The simple spaghetti straps of this dress work well with the whole look of this outfit because they emphasise how simplicity can look so great.

Outfit number two is definitely something I would wear. I love how the length of this jacket meets the top of these jeans. It is fun and perfect for summer. Again the white and blue is worn and they allow the pink to pop and draw your attention.

Obviously, outfit number three is the most glam and that’s why I love it. It’s super chic and I love the thigh-high boots – they make this outfit pretty and chic – plus they don’t take away from how cute that skirt is.
Which outfit do you guys like best?

Okay so I found this little template on Adobe Spark and I was like damn this could work well for all the pictures I love. So I’m a big fan of these spaces because of the variations between them. As you may know I love big open spaces that are either minimalist or more detailed. I am very drawn to the classic sort of living rooms; where the colours are sort of subdued and consistent. Long couches with big cushions make me happy – they’re great for entertaining and work well in all houses. I think that’s sort of my style though – I like the idea of having statement pieces in the house but I’m also comfortable with the normal convention of living spaces. What are your thoughts on the above spaces?