Social Media Services

ICECOFFEECOUTURE offers a fully comprehensive social media service for your organisation. We set up a meeting to understand what you’re looking to achieve online and help to create an authentic brand voice for your brand.

The process

Step 1

We create a social media content calendar which highlights your brand voice letting prospective clients see why they should choose you.

Step 2

We schedule this social media content calendar to go live and offer in-depth reporting on how your content is performing.

Step 3

At the end of 3 months we review how your content is performing and setup a meeting to see if your goals have changed or if you would like to change up your content strategy.

Why choose us?

ICECOFFEECOUTURE has experience within multiple industries and specifically within the finance, accounting, procurement, software, GIS, conservation and automotive industries. 

Our unique experience as social media strategists, website designers, graphic designers and project managers makes us effective at creating projects that really help you reach your marketing and sales targets. 

We are a passionate team excited about creating a story for your brand to help you connect with your clients. Telling a story about who you are helps your clients to relate to you, want to build a relationship with you and most importantly buy from you. 

If you’d like to learn more contact us today.