Inspiration Icon: Blair Waldorf

Pinafores are a style of dress that have come in and out of fashion. They’ve been interwoven into time and from having a pinafore as a school uniform to seeing them on celebs I decided I had a girl crush on them. Pinafores are actually really simple to wear. Just because you don’t see themContinue reading “Inspiration Icon: Blair Waldorf”

Dressing like an “adult” is stressful; here’s how to change that

Planning what to wear to the office everyday can be really stressful . I found out by trial and error what I really hate wearing. Namely knee length pencil skirts. I’m a bit short, so that length of skirt makes me feel way out of proportion. A-line skirts are my favourite, because they don’t accentuateContinue reading “Dressing like an “adult” is stressful; here’s how to change that”

How to wear floral print

Floral can be intimidating. There, I said it. I find floral to be overwhelming at the best of times. It’s bright, summary, and striking. All the things, I usually never pair together when getting dressed. However, having seen many people wear floral, I’ve seen that it can be paired down. You can have a blackContinue reading “How to wear floral print”

Keep it simple with jeans and a jersey

It’s easy to forget how to wear some of your plainer items. Sometimes our jerseys that we used to love fall away into our drawers and we are left wondering what to wear. I have created this outfit to show you how to wear something simple paired with something more glam. This black jersey hasContinue reading “Keep it simple with jeans and a jersey”

Why light coloured jersey’s are great

Light coloured jerseys are my fave. Paired with leggings and ugg boots is like a timeless fashion piece. I mean, I know it’s stereotypical girl clothes, but you can really make it work. I love the fact that you can just look all snug and feel great. The second item that I love is thisContinue reading “Why light coloured jersey’s are great”