What are you wearing to Halloween? Find out what I’m wearing here…

So Halloween is coming soon! What are you planning to wear? I’ve listed some of the best outfits I can find to showcase what you should wear. Let me know your thoughts below!

Feeling witchy?


Mariah rocked this shiny black dress and she definitely made being a witch look sexy as hell…

Are you an angel?

Alessandra-Ambrosio-x (1)

Damn! Alessandra Ambrosio as the devil is the sexiest thing I’ve seen all day. Great job on the costume.

Dare to be a demon?


Nicole Scherzinger made a bold choice by being a demon. It’s not the most common costume but she looks awesome. I love the cutout detail of the dress. Goes with the whole haunted theme.

Taking it to a ghostly dimension


These contact lenses and this white face just make me uncomfortable. Sometimes, people just look too scary for my liking. But if that’s your thing then go ahead!


These two cuties look adorable as Aubrey Hepburn & Marilyn Manroe. I just cannot deal. Want to take so many photos of these munchkins!!


Kim K has always loved her Halloween costumes and this one is great. I mean come on – Cher! Definitely a winner!

Madonna & Michael Jackson


I didn’t realise that Michael Jason was actually a girl. Kourtney and Kim stepping it up as MJ and Madonna respectively!


I’m a huge Stranger Things fan and Eleven is such a boss of a character. (I think I know what I’m gonna wear this Halloween haha). She rocks this outfit. Guess I’m gonna have to find a blonde wig…


WOW! Talk about effort. Firstly, what is this girls workout routine? To fit into that outfit and look that good is just unfair haha. Jokes aside though; this couple’s outfit is Halloween Goals!

Harley Quinn & The Joker


Not the biggest fan of this pairing. What with Harley’s very toxic relationship with the Joker and all. But besides that I guess it is a fun Halloween costume and makes for a really cool Insta feed. #doingitforinsta

Scooby Doo Gang


Yaaasss! I dig this so much. The gangs coming down to solve a mystery! Even Scooby made an appearance. Just yes.

Alice and Wonderland 

To end off I thought maybe we could all look at Alice. She’s great really. Doing her own thing, climbing down the rabbit hole. That’s one independent girl yo. Besides that, her outfit is super sexy.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I enjoyed researching all these costumes and it has made me so hyped up for the Halloween costume I am going to. NEED to buy a wig now.

Okay byeee!

Popular Culture

10 Best Halloween Movies Ever

So as we all know Halloween is fast approaching…

It’s that time where we need to watch scary movies and eat loads of snacks. (Sounds like a normal Saturday night to me…) But anyway, besides that, lets dive straight in.

I’ve listed some of the best horror movies to watch when you want to get into the Halloween spirit.

Let me your thoughts below!

  1. The Nun
    So I’ve been following The Conjuring series and I am truly obssessed and the latest movie in this series just killed me. During the movie I just wanted it to stop. Every time I got scared I was like no I just can’t do this anymore. I felt feelings of terror that something would grab my feet from under the seat so I sat with my feet up the entire time. I was n e r v o u s. But it was insanely good. I want to see it again. Go through all that trauma again. Lol the trauma is worth it. The Nun is soooo scary though. Nightmares for days.
  2. Paranormal Activity

    A classic horror movie. We have all seen it… Surely? Anyway… I think that it’s definitely got its place on this list. I mean come on. Did you really sleep well the night after you watched it? Like be honest with yourself? Didn’t think so…

  3. Get Out

    I’ve watched this three times. It is that good. I still cannot believe how amazing it is. Truly terrifying stuff. You need to watch this.

  4. The Visit


    This is a bone-chilling movie. As I’m typing this I have goosebumps. Once, you know the twist you just want to pull the protagonists out of this movie because it is so horrific. Worth the watch.

  5. Insidious 
    Ahh I cannot explain to you my love for the Insidious series. Obviously, the Conjuring series is better but this is a great alternative too. It follows the protagonist Elize and she is a pshycic and a grandmother. She’s a boss and the stuff in this series is dark. You don’t come out of those movies the same…
  6. Rings 
    I never watched the original Ring movies, but this one doesn’t disappoint. It is so scary and the way this girl moves just makes you want to vomit. It makes you really scared of your TV….
    10/10 must watch.
  7. Truth or dare
    I’ve loved Lucy Hale since Pretty Little Liars and this movie scared me and my boyfriend badly. You never can unsee it. These poor scarred people.
  8. A quiet place
    I’m sure everyone has seen or heard of this movie. It’s ingenious and original and really scary. You’re on the edge of your seat most of the movie and it’s got amazing acting.
  9. Halloween (1979)
    I obviously had to include a real Halloween movie on here. So here it is. You should check it out for the throwback sake.
  10. The Village


    I watched this movie for the first time when I was 13 at a girls sleepover and let me just say I really am glad this introduced me to the horror genre. It is also an ingenious plot and it’s really clever. There are moments where you feel sick with fear and worry for the protagonist. Would watch again if I wasn’t so nervous.

So that’s it guys! Let me know what you think and if you would add different movies onto this list!



Where does Halloween Come From?

Halloween is on the 31st of October every year and I think a lot of us take it for granted that it is just about trick or trick or some cool Halloween horror movies. But what are the origins of Halloween?

Where does it come from?


As you probably know, Halloween dates back to a long time ago. Over 2000 years to be in fact when the Celts started celebrating the 31st. This was the day before their new year and it was called Samhain. This day was prolific because it was the day before the start of a very difficult winter. As a result, the Celts believed in sacrificing animals to the Deities to give them good will for the coming winter.

The Celts also believed that this was a day where the barrier between life and death was very thin. The veil that keeps the two worlds aside becomes thinner. Celts also believed that when the otherworldly spirits were there that it would mean that they could be better future tellers due to their influence. This was of huge importance to the Celts because during these hard times, they relied on these “prophecies” to get by.

To commemorate this huge celebration the Druids would put on animal heads and would hold huge bonfires.

As mentions in 43 AD most of the Celt areas were conquered by the Roman Empire. Because this happened Samhain was combined into two Roman festivals.

Feralia is a day that the Romans would commemorate the passing of the dead and the second day was created to honor Pomona who was the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. But what does Pomona mean? It is the symbol of the apple and it incorporates the celebration of Samhain which one might consider this being where the bobbing for apples tradition came from.


When the 9th Century arrived the spread of Christianity had gone to the Celtic lands where it was “blended” with older Celtic rites. November 2nd was the day that the church named the All Souls Day which was to honour the dead. A popular belief is that the church was replacing the Celtic’s festival of the dead with a more appropriate church-sanctioned holiday.

So where did the name come from?

Well All Souls Day was also celebrated like Samhaim with the big bonfires, the parades and the dressing up as angels or devils. The name originally was “All-hallows/All-hallowmass which is really cool because it comes from Middle English – Alholowmesse which means All Saints’ Day. The night before All Saints’ Day was All-Hallows Eve (which is what I mentioned above on the 31st of October). Eventually this became Halloween.

How did it come to America?

It didn’t just arrive to America. The Protestants didn’t really approve of the celebration and it was only in the Southern Colonies and Maryland that it was becoming popular. Halloween became a way for women to be more empowered in finding a husband. Different games like bobbing of the apple were played to try to find husbands. The first women to take a bite of the apple would wait for another man to take a bite of her apple and the idea was this could lead to a marriage.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the idea around Halloween began to change, and it was not regarded as a religious holiday anymore, but rather a holiday where children could have fun and celebrate. Trick-or-treating became popular because it was an inexpensive way for communities to spend time with their families, and by buying sweets you could stop children from giving you a trick.


But now this doesn’t explain why people dressed up…

Okay, so put yourself back in the days where nobody knew very much and technology didn’t exist. No electricity, heated floors or antiseptic. Winter was a scary time – and paired with these ideas that ghosts and the dead could more easily come between worlds on the 31st of October, people got the idea that if they dressed up like the dead/ghosts, then maybe they would be left to live. Their disguises were a mean of survival and this eventually led to the tradition we have today of dressing up in costumes for Halloween.

If you want to read more you should check out this article here from the History channel. Credits to them for all this great info!