A little edge with that girly style

Sometimes you want to go ahead and wear something that is girly but you also want to be practical and a bit edgy. Being girly is fun but being edgy is my favourite. It’s like that perfect in between style where you just feel in control and on top of the world. These Doc MartensContinue reading “A little edge with that girly style”

Best Golden Globes Looks

So the 2020 Golden Globes have come and gone and I’ve compiled some of my favourite looks. Zoey Deutch looked amazing in this gown. Winnie looks drop-dead gorgeous in this dress! I love the slit and this gorgeous stiletto! Sienna looks stylish and sophisticated. Always been a big fan of her. I love how RoseContinue reading “Best Golden Globes Looks”

How to wear floral print

Floral can be intimidating. There, I said it. I find floral to be overwhelming at the best of times. It’s bright, summary, and striking. All the things, I usually never pair together when getting dressed. However, having seen many people wear floral, I’ve seen that it can be paired down. You can have a blackContinue reading “How to wear floral print”