Style Icon: Spencer Hastings

So I’ve been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars as I wait till March the 20th for the new Pretty Little Liars. Rewatching it has been so much fun and I see why I got so hooked the first time. I must say, now that I am older I think I actually enjoy it more than whenContinue reading “Style Icon: Spencer Hastings”

Style Icon: Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery was the most daring of all the Liars. She loved bold prints, patterned jackets, A-line skirts, and combat boots. Her grunge/goth/girly style is definitely memorable. The reason why I like Aria’s style is because she stuck to it. She owned all her accessories, and the statement pieces she wore. Besides Spencer, no-one elseContinue reading “Style Icon: Aria Montgomery”

Style Icon: Hanna Marin

Sometimes you just have those days where you feel totally uninspired. This happens to me when it’s really cold. I rotate the same few jackets and I feel like an eskimo because I am all bundled up. This warmer spring weather is definitely a relief for me, because I have got so many clothes readyContinue reading “Style Icon: Hanna Marin”