Oversized blazer and jeans

Come on let’s face it – what’s better than an over-sized blazer and jeans? Ok – nothing. Lol but for real – it is pretty cool. What I love about this style is that it is perfect for going on a day trip. It goes from day to night really easily and is so chic.Continue reading “Oversized blazer and jeans”

#Lockdown Style

I think this ensemble is very cute. I love the green and white flannel pants – they are great for lazing around in the house – which I think a lot of us are doing at the moment around the world. I also like these colours – mixing white and pastel colours always works andContinue reading “#Lockdown Style”

Skirts I adore

These types of skirts are everywhere. And I’m glad cause they’re gorgeous. They’re cinched at the waist; and super cute. Paired with a simple long-sleeve tee this look is understated and perfect for teens. This loose hair works perfectly with this look cause it is fun and free. I think this skirt is incredible. IContinue reading “Skirts I adore”

Summer outfits I love

Summer is a time for exploring. In Cape Town we are very blessed to have a huge variety of places to go to. Vineyards are one of my favourite places to have a picnic and spend time with friends. This colour is amazing. I really like it because you can dress it up and downContinue reading “Summer outfits I love”