Website Design Services

ICECOFFEECOUTURE offers custom created WordPress websites to meet your business needs. We offer many different types of websites to meet your business needs.

Our most popular websites are our one-page websites, five page websites, and e-Commerce websites.

Every website we build comes with an SSL certificate.

Website types

e-Commerce website

We offer e-Commerce websites to meet your growing businesses needs.

This includes all of the industry standard plugins that come with an e-Commerce WordPress website.

1 page website

We offer a standard one page website which includes your service offerings, contact information, about section and testimonials.

5 page website

We offer a 5 page website which is standard for small to medium size businesses.

This includes a home page, about page, services page, contact page and blog page.

The process

Step 1

We setup a meeting to discuss your website needs, including if you require hosting, a domain or a site migration.

Step 2

Once the type of website and payment terms are agreed upon we will create an outline of when each website milestone will be met.

Step 3

At each milestone, there will be a check-in where edits will be allowed.

After edits are finalised for each milestone, the next stage of the project will begin.

Step 4

Once all milestones are complete, the website will be made live for you.

Why choose us?

ICECOFFEECOUTURE has experience within multiple industries and specifically within the finance, accounting, procurement, software, GIS, conservation and automotive industries. 

Our unique experience as social media strategists, website designers, graphic designers and project managers makes us effective at creating projects that really help you reach your marketing and sales targets. 

We are a passionate team excited about creating a story for your brand to help you connect with your clients. Telling a story about who you are helps your clients to relate to you, want to build a relationship with you and most importantly buy from you. 

If you’d like to learn more contact us today.